Watch Moana Online Disney was forced to change the title of its new animated film 'Moana', animation directed by  Ron Clements, Don Hall in Italy, to avoid that the name coincides with that of a famous pornographic actress, Moana Pozzi, who passed away the 15 of September of 1994. The film, which will arrive in Italian cinemas in late December, will be called Oceania, in reference to the place where the plot takes place. Davide Romani, head of marketing for Disney's studios in Italy, said last year the company was considering whether to change the film's title.

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Italy will not be the only country where the film will have another name. In Spain for example, the tape will be called Vaiana since the word Moana has been registered by a gel mark.

Moana, directed by the directors of Aladín and La Sirenita, Watch Moana free tells the story of a little adventurous girl whose dream is to travel the world by boat.

One of the technical animators responsible for the beautiful hair of the characters in the new animated film Moana, Walt Disney Studios and released in cinemas this November 23, is the Dominican Carlos Cabral, who also worked on other favorites including Frozen, Big Hero 6, Wrecked Ralph and Tangled.

The film features Moana, the passionate and intrepid daughter of the leader of a tribe that inhabits the islands of the South Pacific and belongs to a family of several generations of sailors. His desire is to explore the world sailing the ocean, as he feels an extraordinary bond with the sea.
Along with the demigod named Maui (Dwayne Johnson), the young woman embarks on an epic journey to fulfill the search her ancestors undertook. In this adventure to a legendary island you will find plenty of action, huge sea creatures, impressive underworlds and millennial traditions.

Cabral, who grew up in the Caribbean nation of the Dominican Republic, told El Latino San Diego to feel very fortunate to have worked on this film, since "I have that connection with the tropical, the beaches and all the atmosphere that we see in Moana."

"At the same time it's a totally different culture, super interesting and beautiful," he added.

The hair of all the characters in Moana looks beautiful, but Cabral, who also supervised the creation of the characters, explained that one of the great challenges of his department was that the long, curly mane had a natural movement with the wind below the Water or wet.

"These something that we had not done before and that is not seen much in the industry, we had a lot of work to do but one of our objectives is that the public is not distracted if something looks bad or out of place,

"We invest a lot of time and overcome our challenge, every time I see the end result I can not believe it, the hair of each of the characters is incredible. Now we have a much more robust system and we can do much more with the hair of the characters in other films, "he concluded.

Moana was directed by legendary writers and directors of the animated films The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and Princess and the Frog, Ron Clements and John Musker.

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The date of December 2 is Moana (Auli'i Cravalho) is not like the common Disney heroines Moana . For starters, she is not interested in the title of "princess." She may be the boss's daughter, but let no doubt: she prefers to be called a "pioneer," a navigator who guides the boats across the Pacific Ocean.

When he encounters the formidable and irascible demigod Maui (Dwayne Johnson), he hurries to correct it. The protagonist of Disney's latest animated film, Moana, inspired by the islands of the Pacific, reflects the evolution of Disney heroines over the years.

She is intelligent, strong, skilled, and fully capable of saving herself and others Watch Moana  Full Movie Online with her wit and physical strength. She is the type of heroine that, hopefully, girls would like to imitate: capable of empathy, self-sufficient, skilled, hardworking, inclined to help others.

Something that could be more difficult to emulate is its mystical relationship with the ocean that surrounds the island where it lives.

It has always been attracted to the crystalline turquoise waters (which the animators have shaped in detail and flashing); But his father, the chief Tui (Temuera Morrison), takes her away from the ocean to take over her duties of command on earth.

But Moana can not resist the call of the ocean, especially as her playful and rebellious grandmother Tala (Rachel House) tells her how the ocean chose Moana to give back the heart of the goddess Te Fiti, stolen by the evil demigods Maui .

Moana races past the reef in search of Maui, determined to retrieve her magic hook and return the heart of Te Fiti, not without first fighting ferocious coconut warriors, stingy crabs and the lava monster Taka.

The beautiful island scene in pastel-neon tones is enhanced by sticky musical numbers, written by Hamilton's creator and star and Tony Lin-Manuel Miranda winner, by Samoan musician Opetaia Foa'i and composer Mark Mancina.

With the simple story of a girl who goes beyond the horizon to save her home, the voice performances round the flavor and character of the film.

Johnson brings a good chunk of the comic element as the chatterer Maui, always in conflict with his animated tribal tattoos, which are like his consciousness.

But apart from the visual delight, his remarkable heroine and soundtrack that has everything to become a classic, what stands out from Moana is the attention and attention to detail that the filmmakers put on the history and culture of the Pacific islands.

The religious folklore and naval tradition that make up this history were well researched, with an important contribution of native people.

In that sense, it is impressive that Disney has assembled a large voice cast consisting of Pacific Islanders, including Samoans (Johnson), Maori (Clement) and Native Hawaiians (Cravalho and Nicole Scherzinger, who gives voice to Sina).

The film is even richer for its attention to culture, beyond superficial aesthetics, building Moana on the values ​​and beliefs that sustain this culture.

Moana fills the heart and soul, and makes the imagination rise above the ocean.